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On March 31, 2019, the Feed-in Tariff program closed to new applicants. The old scheme paid a fixed rate for each unit of renewable electricity generated, delivered to the grid, and exported.

If you have an eligible existing system that is entitled to FITs payments, the program’s cancellation will not affect you. You will continue to receive FITs payments as normal.

What Is The New Feed-In Tariff?

In January 2020 the old FIT was replaced by the smart export guarantee (SEG) scheme.

The SEG requires energy suppliers to offer a tariff for any electricity exported back to the grid from eligible renewable generation sources. This export rate is variable, and so will fluctuate depending on the market price of electricity.

Under the new scheme, you are not guaranteed a fixed rate for your exported electricity. However, you may be able to negotiate a better deal with your energy supplier, as the SEG provides a minimum level that they must pay.

Am I Eligible For The New Feed-In Tariff?

You must submit your application directly to an SEG tariff supplier in order for it to be accepted.

The Ofgem website has a list of energy suppliers that provide SEG tariffs. Your SEG tariff provider does not have to be the same as the one who delivers your power.

Suppliers who provide services through the SEG are not required to give you a price, but they are free to set the conditions of the rate they offer, such as whether it’s fixed or variable.

Tariffs might vary over time, so check on a regular basis to ensure you’re on a competitive rate.

If you have a storage device that is capable of importing and exporting electricity, such as a household battery or an electric vehicle, it may also be used to take advantage of the SEG. Your potential SEG tariff supplier can help you with this.

If you have an existing FITs system, you are not automatically eligible for the SEG. You must apply to your energy supplier to switch over to the new scheme.

See Ofgem’s full list of FIT licensees.

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