What is a Cheap Home Garden Office?

A cheap home garden office is an off-the-shelf garden office that is generally made from mass-produced components. You can normally pick them up at garden centers or builders merchants come in flat-pack form and are delivered to your home ready for you to build and construct.

The materials used will be cheaper and of a lower quality than those used in a bespoke home garden office.

Why Is This a Viable Option?

This option is totally viable, especially if you are on a budget. And, to be honest, there are some great cheap home garden office solutions out there that will serve you well.

Cheap Home Garden Office Pros

There are several advantages to going down the cheap home garden office route:

Low cost (great if you are on a budget)

This is obviously the main attraction of going for a cheap home garden office. To be clear the cheapest garden office you can buy is one you actually build and construct yourself.

You can purchase a basic design instruction pack on eBay that shows you what materials you need and the process of putting everything together to make your own office.

Of course, on the face of it, this sounds easy, but I would only recommend trying this if you have some woodworking skills and plenty of time.

The next cheapest option is actually a log cabin made entirely out of wood. What you do is purchase a log cabin off the shelf and then turn it into a home garden office.

The cheapest ones you can buy are just under £2k and go up in price the larger the unit is. For this price, you would also get free delivery.

As you can see, for £2k you can build or buy a cheap office as long as you have both the time and skills.

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Quick and easy to set up

As these offices come in flat-pack form, they are generally quick and easy to construct if you are quite handy. This means that you can have your office up and running in no time at all.

However, if your are not handy, then getting assistance from a carpenter or builder will be your best bet.


If you move house or want to relocate your office, a cheap home garden office is very flexible. You can take it down and move it with you very easily.

Cheap Home Garden Office Cons

You get what you pay for

Let’s face it, this office unit will likely be made out of the cheapest materials possible and will not be of the highest quality. This means that it may start to show wear and tear much faster than a high quality bespoke office.

In addition, it is likely that you will have to do some DIY work on it such as painting or treating the wood to keep it looking nice.

Limited design choices

The range of designs and style choices for a cheap home garden office is often quite limited when compared to bespoke garden offices. So, if you are looking for something specific, you may struggle to find what you are after.

What is a Bespoke Home Garden Office?

A bespoke home garden office is one that has been designed and made to your specific requirements. You will be working with a specialist home office garden design company to create a one-off office that is perfect for your needs.

You get to choose the materials, design, size and finish of your office. This means that you can have an office that is totally unique and fits in perfectly with your garden and home.

Why Is This a Viable Option?

If you want to be original and want your office to be unique then a bespoke home garden office is the only way to go. You will have total control over all aspects of the design and, as a result, your office will be perfect for you and your needs.

Bespoke Home Garden Office Pros

Highest quality materials used

Bespoke offices are generally made out of the highest quality materials possible. This means that they will last longer and look great for many years.

It will also match the look and feel of your home and garden perfectly.

Custom designed specifically for you

As with anything bespoke, your office will be designed specifically for you and will meet all your needs and requirements. Since you are working with exact measurements you can design your office to fit perfectly into your garden and home.

A range of design choices

Bespoke companies offer a much wider range of design choices than you will find with cheap home garden offices. This means that you can find an office that perfectly suits your needs and style.

Specially tailored for your needs

As well as being designed to your exact measurements, a bespoke office can also be tailored to your specific needs. This could mean adding extra features or storage space, or even including a built-in kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

Will add value to your home

A high quality bespoke office that has been expertly designed and constructed will actually add value to your home. The fact that it is bespoke means you will be hard pressed to find another one like it on the market.

Bespoke Home Garden Office Cons

The expense

If choose the bespoke option it means you need to be able to afford it. This is generally the most expensive option for a home garden office.

There is no such thing as a cheap bespoke home garden office!

Time frame

The time it takes to have a bespoke office designed, made and installed can be quite lengthy. You will need to factor in several weeks, if not months, from start to finish.

Likely to run over budget

Now, just because you are ordering a bespoke office, it doesn’t mean you are rich. Depending on how high the spec is, you may find that you run over budget.

This is why it is important to have a discussion with the company about what you want and need from your office.


So, which one is right for you?

Ultimately, the decision on whether to opt for a cheap home garden office or go for a bespoke office depends on your needs and budget. If you are looking for something quick, easy and affordable then a cheap home garden office is the way to go. However, if you want the highest quality materials, unique design and total control over the final product then a bespoke office is the way to go.

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